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March 27-28, 2014. Urban Soundscapes and Critical Citizenship. Limerick, Ireland. In this interdisciplinary conference, we explore the intersection of soundscapes and acoustic ecology studies (Murray Schafer 1977; Truax 1978) with urban, applied ethnomusicology's focus on human subjects (Hemetek and Reyes 2007; Jurková 2012) and with sociological understandings of the cultural restructuring of urban space (Fainstein and Campbell, 2011; LeGates 2011; Bridge and Watson 2010), through an evocation of 'critical citizenship' (Nell et al, 2012). Read More.

April 1, 2014 (Deadline) Call for submissions Sound in the Land 2013. Sound in the Land 2014 – Music and the Environment – is a Festival/Conference of Mennonites and music scheduled for June 5 – 8, 2014 at Conrad Grebel/University of Waterloo. This event will seek to explore and discover new ways of hearing the earth, listening to the environment, and creating musical and scholarly responses to what we hear. Read More.

April 4, 2014 Workshop: THE MATERIAL IMAGINATION: Sound, Space, and Human Consciousness. Stanford University. Standford, California. Margot Fassler, "Architecture and Music: Hildegard's Allegorized Setting for the Ordo Virtutum". Read More

April 11, 2014 (Deadline) ATALAIA - Associação dos Amigos da Cultura e das Artes (Friends of Arts and Culture Association), together with the Ourique City Council, the Regional Direction of Alentejo's Culture, the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon and the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of the University of Algarve, call for periods of creation residences. Open to creators and students of performing contemporary arts (dance, theater, performance, music, plastic arts and multimedia). Read More

April 20, 2014 (Deadline) Call for Papers Ecomusicologies 2014: Dialogues 4-5 October 2014 University of North Carolina at Asheville (USA) Contact and submission details: ecomusicologies [at]

April 25, 2014 (Deadline) Sound Development City - Call for Proposals. Sound Development City is looking for project proposals and work theses that comply with the invitation to Mind the Gap! and that could utilize the three-week expedition from Riga to Helsinki for realizing these endeavors. Artists working in all disciplines can apply through the open call process. The Sound Development City Summer Expedition 2014 will take place from August 28th until September 13th, 2014. Read More

May 2, 2014 Workshop: THE MATERIAL IMAGINATION: Sound, Space, and Human Consciousness. Stanford University. Standford, California. Speaker: Thomas Blom Hansen, "Concerning City Sounds and Senses". Read More

May 16-18, 2014 Nature Recording Workshop 2014 University of Washington, Seattle. This year Naturesound.Org and the University of Washington will be teaching state-of-the-art techniques for recording the sounds of wildlife. Participants will learn through daily field recording sessions and lecture/discussions. Read More.

April 11, 2014 Workshop: THE MATERIAL IMAGINATION: Sound, Space, and Human Consciousness. Stanford University. Standford, California. Speaker: Charles Hirschkind, "The Ethical Soundscape: Cassette Sermons and Islamic Counter Publics". Read More

April 16-17, 2014 Symposium#8 Audio Mobility. Locus Sonus, Aix en Provence, France. Read More.

June 1, 2014 Call for Contributions: Hearing Landscape Critically: Music, Place, and the Spaces of Sound Harvard University. Landscapes are spaces of community and segregation, of inspiration, mystification, nourishment, and devastation. Though landscape has long been acknowledged as a foundational element of our historical and contemporary engagement with the world, the significance of sound and music in shaping notions and perceptions of landscape has only recently begun to receive sustained critical attention. Read More

June 5-8, 2014 Conference: Sound in the Land 2014 - Sound in the Land 2014 will explore music and the environment while discovering new Mennonite perspectives. As a sequel to the highly successful Sound in the Lands 2009 (which explored Mennonite music across borders and boundaries), and Sound in the Land 2004 (which dealt with Mennonite musical diversities), Sound in the Land 2014 is both a festival with multiple concerts, performances and workshops featuring many musical styles, and an academic conference with papers and presentations exploring the new field of “ecomusicology” (music and the environment) from various Mennonite perspectives, locally and globally. R. Murray Schafer, well-known Canadian composer/founder of World Forum for Acoustic Ecology, has consented to be a keynote speaker. Read More.

June 18-19 Sound, Sight, Space and Play (SSSP) 2014 De Montfort University, Leicester, United Kingdom. A conference for postgraduate students working in the creative sonic arts that aims to stimulate co-operation and inspiration between postgraduate students across institutional boundaries and disciplines, leading to new perspectives on current works and research. Read More

July 1-4, 2014 Crossroads in Cultural Studies, Tampere, Finland . The 10th Crossroads Conference in Cultural Studies will be hosted by the School of Communication, Media and Theatre (CMT) at the University of Tampere jointly with the Society for Cultural Studies in Finland and the Association for Cultural Studies (ACS). Read More.

July 10, 2014 Radio Art & Sound Art: "AIR / EAR" installation. Fourth collective installation of radio art and sound art will open in San Justo, Santa Fe, Argentina. Read More

July 18, 19, and 20, 2014 Invisible Places | Sounding Cities International Symposium on Sound, Urbanism and Place. One of the fundamental premises of Acoustic Ecology is the idea of hearing education. It is in this sense that we will promote workshops, performances and sound installations in the public space in order to create a wider awareness of what is discussed by the researchers who will present their work during the symposium. Details yet to be announced. Click2Read about the conference and calls for papers and audio work submissions. Like on Facebook.

January 14-15, 2015 Hearing Landscape Critically: Music, Place, and the Spaces of Sound Harvard University. The third meeting of the ‘Hearing Landscape Critically’ research network will take place at Harvard University, 14-16 January 2015. The aim of this three-year project funded by the Leverhulme Trust is to transform our sense of sound in landscape, and to document, investigate, and provoke critical encounters between the social and acoustic agents involved in the formations of landscape. The network embraces an interdisciplinary methodology and brings together scholars from diverse geographical contexts and academic fields (including art history, literary studies, and cultural geography) alongside creative practitioners, prompting new ways of thinking about sound, music, space, and place. Read More

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