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WFAE: UP FRONT President’s Report by Eric Leonardson

Eric LeonardsonWorld Listening Day 2015 “H2O”
Happening again on July 18th, this year’s theme for World Listening Day is “H2O.” Water is essential for life. The global water crisis means our soundscapes and life are at great risk. Without safe, nourishing water both will disappear. This year’s events include a global virtual forum. To learn more please visit the World Listening Day web page. There, you may find and use an online participation form to submit your projects and events. And let’s remember, every day should be a world listening day.

Be sure to look over the calendar for other #WLD2015 events and submission opportunities. For World Listening Day 2015 #WLD2015 Taylor & Francis is offering a limited time free downloads of my article “Sound and Listening: Beyond the Wall of Broadcast Sound”

Soundscape: The Journal of Acoustic Ecology
The “Canacoustica: Canadian Perspectives on Environment and Sound,” 2014 edition (Volume 14) of Soundscape: The Journal of Acoustic Ecology is printing. 2014 WFAE members should be receiving your copy in the mail shortly thereafter. If you are a library subscriber, please be assured that the WFAE journal is coming. We regret and apologize for the delay. As a small group of volunteers coordinating across time zones, publishing a high-quality scholarly journal every year is challenging. I can assure you it is on its way.

In an attempt to synchronize our publication cycle with annual membership, Volume 15 of the journal will be published in fall 2015 with the theme title, “Sounds emergent: diverse ecologies.” Its guest editor is Jay Needham from the American Society for Acoustic Ecology. In addition, I am awaiting a decision by the WFAE Board on whether this volume will be a digital edition instead of printed. In the interim, questions should be directed to Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Phylis Johnson at

Along with the possible transition of the journal to a digital format, the WFAE’s website and newsletter are transitioning to a new design.

Affiliates and Membership
From all around the world I encounter an exciting abundance of people and projects concerned with acoustic ecology. They are too numerous to mention within this brief report. However, concerning the growth of the WFAE I will say this, on my month-long lecture/concert tour in Europe and the Balkans, I had the great pleasure of meeting Brane Zorman in Ljubljana, and again in Prague. Following our performances at Gallery Školská 28, we each presented in Listening Around the Corner, a mini-symposium with Peter Cusack, Dagmar Šubrtová, Helena Štorchová, and Lloyd Dunn. We discussed the creation of a Central European acoustic ecology network there with Miloš Vojt?chovský. I hope this effort will result in a new WFAE affiliate organization to support acoustic ecology in this region, partnered with our colleagues in Zagreb and Belgrade, where I was so warmly received and supported.

Balance-Unbalance 2016 will be held on May 9-11, 2016 in Manizales, Colombia. Its call for papers, artistic works and trans-disciplinary workshops will launch in July.

In Mexico, the Biosphere Soundscapes project is progressing through a partnership with Fonoteca Nacional that will eventually see the Mexican Forum for Acoustic Ecology re-established. The international call for the inaugural acoustic ecology residency in Mexico’s Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve is now available at

In Portugal, the new WFAE Portuguese affiliate proposed in July 2014 will form in due course. Elsewhere in Western Europe, over the past several months we have received inquiries about forming affiliates and associations.

Many affiliates have started with only a small group of dedicated individuals. The WFAE supports such efforts and welcomes your inquiries about starting an Affiliate Organization. Also, please note that there is no requirement in the WFAE bylaws for Affiliate Organizations to be based solely on geographic regions and boundaries. Professional spheres of interest, for example, may also coalesce an active affiliate. To learn more about the process, please view our suggested guidelines for Forming an Affiliate Organization or contact the WFAE at

To stay informed of these developments and share your own news, research, and sounds with our glocal network, I invite you to subscribe to our email discussion list, “Like” and post to our Facebook Page, and join the WFAE or one of its affiliate organizations.

Header Photo: "Impressionist Sky" from Hattiesburg, Mississippi (USA) by Kim Pluskota, Artist & Designer.