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The World Forum for Acoustic Ecology (WFAE), founded in 1993, is an international association of affiliated organizations and individuals in Europe, North America, Japan, and Australia that share a common concern with the state of the world's soundscapes. WFAE members represent a multi-disciplinary spectrum of individuals engaged in the study of the social, cultural and ecological aspects of the sonic environment.

International WFAE conferences are held throughout the world with the most recent ones hosted in Mexico City (2009), Koli Finland (2010), and Corfu Greece (2011).

WFAE'S Mission:

WFAE works in collaboration with its world-wide network of Affiliated Organizations to promote:

Education - in listening to the soundscape, sharpening aural awareness and deepening listeners' understanding of environmental sounds and their meanings

Research and Study - of the social, cultural, scientific and ecological aspects of the sonic environment

Publishing and Distributing of information and research on Acoustic Ecology.

Protecting and Preserving existing natural soundscapes and times and places of quiet.

Designing and Creating healthy and acoustically balanced sonic environments.


Learn more about the WFAE:

Read: The online WFAE Newsletter, a supplement to the print publication, Soundscape: The Journal of Acoustic Ecology. The newsletter includes news of current activities related to the acoustic ecology. Back issues are available online. The Journal is available to all paid members and is published once a year.

Converse: We encourage you to participate in on-going discussions through the WFAE sponsored Acoustic-Ecology listserv. It is easy to join and participate with other ear-minded individuals regarding the soundscape environments in which we live.

Network: The WFAE is a Facebook and Myspace member. Many of our affiliates also provide social networking for members.

Join: The WFAE encourages individuals to join one our affiliated organizations. As an affiliate member you receive the annual print publication Soundscape: The Journal of Acoustic Ecology plus the benefits provided by a regional association and those of the WFAE. Visit the WFAE Membership page for details about joining a regional Affiliate Organization.

Participate: WFAE members and others participate at WFAE events around the world. Researchers, teachers, sound producers, musicians, and acoustic ecologists have presented papers, panel discussions, workshops, sound installations, and have given sound art performances during many events.

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 July 2014 Symposium Invisible PlacesWFAE ENDORSED EVENT: Invisible Places | Sounding Cities Symposium Sound, Urbanism and Sense of Place
Dates: 18 – 20 July,
Location: Viseu, Portugal
For more information:

Often acoustic space is ignored in the construction of a public space, yet the negative impact this has does not seem to get many complaints. People rarely require more quality of the sonic world, because the average consumer does not have the necessary references to change this state of affairs. We know that the prevalence of noise or sounds that do not convey any social significance and are a disturbance of the quality of life, reduces the ability to identify with the place we inhabit. It is therefore urgent to think about the acoustical problems societies are facing today and integrate that thinking in urban planning, architecture and management of public space, because the idea we have of ourselves, our personal awareness and the relationships we build in the external world, are inextricably linked to a space. We all exist somewhere. And personal identity also relates to this. "Like" on Facebook.